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Team Kagura
Professional Status

Ecruteak Shinto Church



Professional Status
Team Kagura is the team that represents Ecruteak Shinto Church participating in the Battle of Arcanas.



Team Kagura participates in the Battle of Arcanas preliminary event, Arcana Labyrinth in which they have to be one of the first sixth teams to reach the battle ground, Abyssal Coliseum.

  • Team Kagura passes on the main event in 5th place.

Day OneEdit

Event: Hidden ArcanasEdit

Battle: Kagura Mikazuchi vs. Shintaro KisaragiEdit

Day TwoEdit

Event: Chariot Arcana ChaseEdit

Battle: Abbas Kuroki vs. ZweiEdit

Day Three Edit

Event: Death-Time ArcanaEdit

Battle: Maathal Griffin vs. Vincent NightrayEdit

Day FourEdit

Event: Arcana Sea BattleEdit

Tag Battle: Kagura Mikazuchi & Millianna vs. Orange Ross & Hibiya AmamiyaEdit

Day FiveEdit

Event Battle: Battle of the ArcanasEdit

Battles & EventsEdit

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