The Nyctores Units (ニックトレス・ユニット, Nikkutoresu Yunitto) also known as "Deus Machina" (デウス・マキナ, Deusu Makina lit. God Machine) by several of Academy City's major scientists, Giselle Tenjouin included, are artificially made human-like beings created through the combination of Magic and science with the purpose of containing the power of "boundaries" or to be more specific, the "power beyond the real world".

Unique to them, the Nyctores Unit has the ability of "interfering" or outright destroy anything that is a supernatural, including Magic itself, which is later known as the "Zero Effect" ability. They are first introduced in Pokémon Fairytales: Daybreak Chapter.


Biology & TraitsEdit

Powers & AbilitiesEdit

Enhanced Physical Attributes:

Magic (魔法(マジック), Mahō (Majikku)):

  • Magical Aura (魔力の霊気 Maryoku no Reiki; Literally meaning Aura of Magical Power):

Zero EffectEdit

Zero Effect (事象干渉 (ゼロ・エフェクト), Zero Efekuto lit. Event Interference):

The 14 Nyctores UnitsEdit

First Generation Units/Old-TypesEdit

Unit No. Name Zero Effect Status
1st Raphael Kilekion Code: Blood Kain Deceased
2nd Eizen Titus Code: Mental Override Deceased
3rd Naoto Ayanami Code: Silpheed Active
4th Diana Farron Code: Graviton Rage Deceased
5th Elfie Merquise Code: Curse Sigil Deceased
6th Cancer Code: Rage Burst Deceased
7th Charlotte Andersen Code: Ars Install Deceased

Second Generation Units/New-TypesEdit

Unit No. Name Zero Effect Status
8th Hibiki Ayanami Code: Niflheim Active
9th Unknown TBA Active
10th Lunarre Code: Phantasma Deceased
11th Unknown TBA Active
12th Izumi Tenmajin Code: Regelite Active
13th Kanda Minazuki Code: Kusanagi Active
14th Tsuruya Yatogami Code: XBlaze Deceased