Drive Sword Mode
Kanji 駆動剣モード
Rōmaji Kudō Ken Mōdo
Type Weapon Meister
User(s) Giselle Tenjouin
Kisara Sejren

Drive Sword Mode (駆動剣モード, Kudō Ken Mōdo) is a unique magic developed by Giselle Tenjouin and later utilized by Kisara Sejren.


Drive Sword Mode can be regarded as a special type of Weapon Meister due to the similarity to its ability. This Magic allows its user into enhancing their weapon by inserting a "Drive Cores" (駆動芯 (ドライブコア), Kudōshin (Doraibukoa)) into a weapon's empty slots; in which the Drive itself determines on which Core is inserted in. The Drive Cores were created by Giselle as a result of managing to condensed and storing the powers of the Akashic Records (アカシックレコード, Akashikkurekōdo). Because of this, it may have a severe side-effect from overusing if someone does not know how to properly handle them.

By utilizing the Drive Cores, it has the ability to utilize number of different types of weapon and also gaining some type of Armors through the different forms; which is similar to Titania's Arcana Armor magic. Since the Drive Cores are imbued with the powers of the Akasha, the user has to be capable enough of merging the Akasha with their own magical power, allowing it to thin the powers of Akasha of a normal magical power and using the Drive Cores properly; undergoing a metamorphosis into a new state of power. With the Drive forms, the user usually undergoes a physical alteration, gets their speed and strength increased and gains new abilities that match the theme of the transformation; allowing the user to alternate between forms to analyze their opponents fighting style to find out their weaknesses and gain advantage in combat.


Known Sword ModesEdit