Branded (烙印, Rakuin lit. Stigma), or alternatively known as "Vessels of the Ancient" (古代の血管, Kodai no Kekkan), is a term to describe humans who were blessed by the powers of a Legendary Pokémon (伝説のポケモン, Densetsu no Pokemon) or a Mythical Pokémon (幻のポケモン, Maboroshi no Pokemon) who are known by some as the "Ancient Ones" (古代物, Kodai-Mono).


Notable BrandedsEdit


Heritor (跡目, Atome lit. Successor) are similar to a Branded; having the powers of the "Ancient Ones" and their powers are "inherited" from the Branded, hence the name "Heritor". Heritor is regarded as similar to Human, due to their "lifespan" are similar to them as well as Heritors do not have the "brand" that the Branded has. Although, Heritors are a lot more stronger than Humans, even those of a high-leveled Magicians, but are still weaker than a Branded and is considered as dangerous due to their "inherited" powers from a Branded.

Heritors are mostly known from being related by blood with the Branded: parent-ties (i.e. Daiki-Rikuo and Natsu-Serge), sibling-ties (i.e. Satoshi-Kanba) or those descended from (i.e. Keith-Kiara). There are some instances when an offspring of a Heritor can actually become another Heritor as well with the notice that they "inherited" the "Ancient Ones" powers from their parent; with Agito being the first known Heritor to be one, due to the fact he inherited Teru's Imaginary Numbers Magic.

List of known Heritors:Edit